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Tom Gage is CEO & Managing Director and founder of Marconi Pacific. He has practiced as a management consultant with Fortune 100 corporations for over 25 years. He was formerly SVP and General Manager at VeriSign. Previous to that he was Vice-president and Managing Director of Gemini Consulting's C4 practice (Communications, Computing, Consumer Electronics and Content) responsible for 200 consultants in North America. He is a board member of The Yale Center for Customer Insights and of ATIS -The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions. He is the author and Editor of two editions of Energy Primer – Solar, Water, Wind and BioFuels and of numerous articles on telecommunications and technology business issues and vehicle automation. He holds an MPPM from the Yale School of Management and a BA in Economics from Cornell University.

Richard Bishop leads the firm’s vehicle practice. With almost 25 years in this field, he specializes in the domain of intelligent, connected, and automated vehicles and how these interact with the roadway and transportation system, plus larger societal forces. He provides global trends analysis and research strategy development to a wide range of vehicle manufacturers, technology developers, and government agencies around the world. Mr. Bishop’s knowledge and contacts across government and industry in this domain are unparalleled. He serves on committees of the Society of Automotive Engineers, IEEE, the Transportation Research Board, and other professional organizations.

Mr. Bishop is the author of numerous publications on automated vehicle systems. He was previously the Program Manager for Vehicle-Highway Automation at the USDOT Federal Highway Administration. He holds a B.S. Electronic Engineering from Auburn University, an M.S. Technical Management from Johns Hopkins University, and an M.A. Transformative Leadership and Social Change from the TAI-SOPHIA Institute.

Mel Blake is a partner focusing on corporate and business strategy, marketing, talent management, operations, and finance with significant experience in professional services, financial services, and information technology industries. Mel is known for effectively working with CEOs and Boards of major companies to lead and execute change. He is also currently affiliated with the agency Stern Strategy Group representing leading scholars, authors and experts in business, science/technology and policy for speaking and corporate programs.

Mr. Blake was formerly founder and managing director of Monitor Talent, a speaker agency he founded at the Monitor Group, a global consulting firm. Previously, he was Executive Director at BankBoston, a diversified financial services firm. During his nine-year tenure at BankBoston he saw an eightfold growth in shareholder value. Prior, Mel was a Vice President and Managing Director of Gemini Consulting's Financial Services practice. He is a board member of The Yale Center for Customer Insights. He holds an MPPM from the Yale School of Management and a BA in Economics from Wesleyan University.


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