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Financial Services and Insurance

The financial services sector has gone through enormous change in the last several decades from banking consolidation to the rise of wealth managers, the expansion of private equity and the rise of on-line banking and direct to consumer health care and P&C insurance marketing channels. As global wealth, internet self-service and enterprise financial cost cutting increase significant additional pressure will be put on the financial services sector to transform itself from older higher cost models to streamlined delivery and processing models. No sector is more at risk over the coming decades than auto insurance as crash reduction technology diffuses through the fleet and reduces risk, crashes and soon thereafter premiums.

  • For a leading property and casualty insurance company, we employed a co-creation methodology to assess customer needs and developed segments and messages to target those segments

  • For a property and casualty insurance company, we investigated the implications of driverless car technology on the market for auto insurance

  • For a financial services start-up, we researched the market opportunity for a new distribution channel to reach high net worth customers

  • For a regional bank, we developed an assessment of the market size and go-to-market strategy for residential mortgage and home equity loan product offerings

  • For a property and casualty insurance company, we assessed the opportunity in the US and Europe to offer mobile phone handset insurance


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